Common German and Jewish names during World War Two

14 Aug

The german and Jewish names that were common during World War Two were very different to the names that our common now. The German names are more like the names that are common now but thy are still a little bit different. Here our some of the common names that the German and Jewish people used during World War Two.

German Girl Names: 

– Amalia

– Lorelei

– Jovita

– Minna

– Kerstin

– Richelle

– Yetta

– Heidi

– Olinda

– Felicia

German Boys Names:

– Adalgiso

– Albert

– Burke

– Charles

– Dieter

– Emil

– Geert

– Ives

– Nevin

Jewish Girls Names:

– Devorah

– Atarah

– Dinah

– Leah

– Adina

– Meira

– Nessa

– Hadassah

– Channah

– Naomi

Jewish Boys Names: 

– Adon

– Samoel

– Ezra

– Johan

– Joram

– Ranem

– Serafilm

– Jordell

– Jocheved

– Jerrick

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